About the Journal

Focus and Scope

mLAC Journal for Arts, Commerce and Sciences (m-JACS) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal in the field of Arts, Commerce and Sciences to bring out the recent developments in research in germane to functional, theoretical and experimental studies published by the Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women Autonomous, Bengaluru, India.

The major focus is to bridge the higher education gap by delivering content solutions in new and innovative ways to enrich the learning experience. The publications of papers are selected through peer review to ensure originality, relevance, and readability. The journal is published quarterly with distribution to librarians, universities, technical colleges, and research centers, researchers in Arts, Commerce and Sciences, computing, communication, mathematics, networking, information science, biomedical, and engineering environment.

The articles published in our journal can be accessed online. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies to publish only the highest quality paper.

The Journal (mJACS) Subject area is Multi disciplinary nature in the areas of Arts, Science , commerce and management fields only.

The journal is published in online version only.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to m-JACS will be assessed for publication based on its originality of its contribution to the field of engineering an dtechnology, soundness of its theory and methodology, coherence of analysis and the paper's ability to effectively communicate to its readers.

As of now,m-JACS uses Single-blinded review, where names of the reviewers are invariably hidden from the author, while reviewers may or may not know the identity of the author(s).

After initial assessment by the Chief Editor, the submitted manuscript will move to the stage of rigorous peer review, where researchers/academics in the relevant field will go through the manuscript and advise the Chief Editor on its suitability to publish in m-JACS and consequent revision by the author(s), if required. Every article published in m-JACS has been through peer review for its quality and relevance assessed by independent peers.


COMPLAINT POLICY: Complaints regarding published material will be accepted within 12 months from the first publication date. In case of any complaint, the authors are required to submit their complaints along with their reasons/valid proof to the editorial office at drsushilmiddha@mlacw.edu.in

Open Access Policy

m-JACS provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

mLACW  Journal Publications

The mLACW  Journal Publications which publishes m-JACS is established to promote the cause of Academicians, technocrats and researchers. We plan to bring a host of quality Journals of repute which is to be indexed by Major publishing platforms like SCOPUS, UGC CARE List etc.

Our Journal site can also be accessed from our Institutional website:




Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

m-JACS  is committed to ensuring ethics in publication and quality of articles as defined by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

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  1. An author is an individual who has made substantial intellectual contributions to a scientific investigation. Authors must include their profile, including affiliation and rank, when submitting a manuscript. Submitters should fill-in the metadata related to the manuscript such as authors (In case of multiple authors, each author should be entered separately, using ADD AUTHOR option, one by one. This is very important.), keywords, references etc.,

A substantial intellectual contribution would require an individual to have significantly participated in one or more of the following activities, i.e., formulating the research problem, designing the study, implementing the study, interpreting and/or analyzing the results, writing and/or reviewing the research paper, and responding to critique. Authorship issue/order should be discussed early in the phase of their work. Authors should have read the manuscript submitted to m-JACS  before print and must be prepared to take responsibility for the data, its interpretations, and conclusions made in it. For multiple authors, the order of names normally should reflect the contributions made by each of them, with the most significant contributor listed as the first author, and so on. All authors must be ready to submit written documentation of their specific contributions. Gift, Ghost, or honorary authorship is not acceptable (Ghost/Gift/Guest author is someone who is listed as an author without qualifying for authorship and also someone whose name is included without permission, but meant to acknowledge)

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Journal History

  • mLAC Journal for Arts, Commerce and Sciences (m-JACS) is an academic journal that is being published as a quarterly journal.
  • Start year of m-JACS Journal Publication: 2023
  • Journal publication Language: English
  • It accepts articles representing original work, analytical papers and papers based on review of extensive literature in the field of Engineering & technology. 
  • The journal is published in online version  ISSN: 2584-1920 (Online)